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Our clients say...

''I really appreciate your integrity and customer service. This is the reason I was eager to do business with your company again.

''I also truly appreciate your rare form of customer service, and I will certainly refer you to others who are looking to create leads.''

Calyn Hauck


 Price, Quality and Service. . .

You need high quality sales leads at a fair price to grow your business. And, objective advice that puts your needs foremost.

At, we broker many types of lists from multiple sources. So we don't automatically recommend a particular source. We work hard to find highly targeted direct marketing lists that best match your precise needs.

Your marketing success is our goal.

Your source of sales leads, targeted mailing and telemarketing lists and top-notch customer service

Buy a targeted direct marketing list
...and you'll increase your sales.

When it comes to your business requirements, we take it personally. We treat your marketing programs as we'd treat our own.

We're professional. Straightforward. Experienced. We go all-out to make smart recommendations that work. Our wholesale buying power gives you very competitive pricing. Most importantly . . .

We never forget that our job is to help ensure your success.

Call for targeted lists & advice you can trust.
(800) 711-5478

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