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Our clients say...

''We've bought many lists in the past. I have to tell you that the list that you found for us has generated more than three times the sales of any list we've bought before.

''Thank you very much for all your help and hard work on our behalf.''

John Lewis
Last Quarter Collection

New Mover Lists


New movers may be your prime sales prospects. They spend a bundle of money on a wide range of products and services.

That's why so many companies compile new mover lists.

Scope of List

An average of 3 million records of people that have recently moved are received each month. Our multi-sourced lists are the MOST ACCURATE compilation of new movers available. Because they're so timely and comprehensive, you can reach new customers before they've developed new spending patterns.

These lists of new movers are compiled every two weeks. Our primary New Mover File is generated from active bank card holders that have indicated their move is imminent or have just moved.

You'll find a high percentage of records include telephone numbers. So you can reach your best potential new customers just as soon as they become available.

Target, target, target...

Your best sales prospects look like your best customers. Why waste your time on marginal prospects when you can identify the new movers that look like your best customers?

    Identify them by such selections as:
  • Dwelling type (SFDU, MFDU)
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income

Identify your precise market area by:

  • State / SCF / County
  • Mileage Radius
  • Zip Code


We work for you. That means we aren't tied to a single New Mover list provider. Our commitment is to find the combination of the most complete - and accurate - list in your area at the most competitive price.

Sometimes we have the lowest price around.

And sometimes we don't.

But you ALWAYS get your most targeted new mover lists at competitive pricing here.

Ready to identify YOUR best New Mover List? For immediate answers, call our marketing consultants at 1-800-711-5478. Or, simply click the link below to submit an Information Request. We'll respond promptly.

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