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Our clients say...

''We've bought many lists in the past. I have to tell you that the list that you found for us has generated more than three times the sales of any list we've bought before.

''Thank you very much for all your help and hard work on our behalf.''

John Lewis
Last Quarter Collection

Positive Response

Ernest Nicastro

Ernest Nicastro. Copywriting and marketing service

Ernest Nicastro is the President of Positive Response, a direct response advertising and marketing consulting company. Positive Response specializes in compelling, response-producing sales letters, ads and lead-generation programs and services . . . based on proven principles and strategies.

A versatile professional, Ernest has experience in both the consumer and business-to business markets. He has created ads, sales letters, lead-generation programs, marketing plans and marketing communications . . . for such diverse industries as builders, computer software and hardware, financial services, health-care, printing, furniture retailing, autobody collision repair and many more.

Positive Response Services

Sales Letters

Multiply your sales with irresistible, response-producing sales letters from Positive Response copywriting pro Ernest Nicastro. You can count on Positive Response to get you the results you want:

"Sales are up over 100% from a year ago, due in large part to the highly effective direct marketing program you created for us."
-- Eric Postle, Principal - Puget Sound Properties Inc.

Review and Rewrite Services -

FAX or e-mail your letter or ad to Positive Response. Based solely on your copy, Ernest Nicastro will review, rewrite and FAX or e-mail it back to you. How helpful is this service? Positive Response clients say it best:

"Great job on the rewrite of our letter! I like the way you 'punched up' our copy. Our letter now communicates the benefits of our services and doing business with our company with significantly stronger impact than before. In short, you clearly demonstrated to us what a big difference a skilled professional writer can make."
-- Suzanne Bolomey - President, International Sites

Positive Response Consulting -

Positive Response Consulting is an alliance of independent, senior-executive-level consultants who team together to help clients achieve and exceed their business objectives. The Positive Response Consulting alliance includes highly skilled, highly experienced consultants in virtually every facet of business, including: sales, marketing and advertising, market research, branding, strategic positioning, customer service, new product development, business planning and general management.

All Positive Response Consulting professionals are accomplished and seasoned veterans with at least 15 years of experience, are recognized experts in their areas of core competency, and maintain a cutting-edge, up-to-date knowledge base.

Positive Response consultants have successfully completed projects for a variety of organizations ranging from large (AT&T, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company) to mid-size (Hytek Metal Finishing, Oak Harbor Freight Lines) to smaller (Timberland Custom Homes, Vista Internet) companies.

High Praise For Positive Response Consulting

"It has now been several months since the completion of the initial project and everyone at Timberland is extremely pleased with the results. Our work with you and your team helped us achieve a substantially sharper focus, and a much stronger and dynamic positioning of the company -- both internally and externally.

"As a result, our sales staff and our buying public have a much clearer understanding of who we are, what we do . . . and what it is that makes owning a Timberland custom home a unique and compelling selling proposition.

"More importantly, sales are up dramatically. As of this writing the company is on track for a record-breaking year."
-- Dave W. McKim, Vice President, Timberland Homes

To submit your questions or comments to Ernest Nicastro, you may e-mail him at [email protected] or go to

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