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Call Center Software and Consulting Since 1990

Since 1990 Amcat's call center award winning predictive dialers, call blending, multimedia, and management software have met the needs of over 1,000 call center clients worldwide.

Amcat serves both small and large call centers. Whether you're a small call center looking for a reliable basic predictive dialer system or a large corporation seeking the most advanced web enabled multimedia call center solution, Amcat has solutions to meet your needs.

Amcat call center solutions allow companies to more effectively communicate with their customers. Multiple channels include inbound / outbound and blended voice, email, fax and web. Amcat's user-friendly, non-proprietary software is the ideal solution for call centers seeking to reduce operating cost and enhance revenue via technology.

Amcat's MediaLynx® integrates predictive dialing, voice, e-mail, fax, Web, VOIP, and video. MediaLynx is based on Intel's NetMerge® platform providing the flexibility of an 'open' system that allows users to essentially 'mix and match' their preferred hardware and software. MediaLynx provides a comprehensive multimedia solution for call centers on the cutting edge.

Amcat's WebLynx is an optional web application that can be added to the MediaLynx solution. WebLynx provides four types of online contact for call center customers including: 'Click to Agent' chat interaction, 'Initiate Web Session' and 'Call-to-Agent' blending phone conversations with online assistance, and 'Agent Call Back' allowing customers to request online a phone call back.

Amcat's industry award winning predictive dialer is used worldwide for telemarketing, fund raising, collections, emergency services, market research and much more. The advanced predictive dialing algorithm automatically places calls on behalf of call center agents /CSRs (customer service representatives) and then routes only the answered 'live' calls to operators.

As an Intel eBusiness Network partner and a member of the Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum, Amcat is one of a select group of key companies helping to create interoperability standards for converged communication.

Visit or call toll-free at Toll Free: 800.364.5518 to explore the Amcat full range of call center products and services.

Predictive Dialing Questions & Answers
Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding predictive dialing systems.

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Telemarketing Call Centers

Read what AMCAT customers say about their telemarketing predictive dialing systems.

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