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Our clients say...

''Your expertise and the leads you've provided have helped our division exceed our sales goals. And your service is second to none.

''Thanks again for your help. I truly appreciate it.''

Doug Arnold
Pitney Bowes Management Services

''Thank you again, I really appreciate all of your help in helping me build my financial planning business.''

Nichol Porcelli
Smith Barney

Customer Testimonials
Telemarketing Call Centers

AMCAT Systems


"For the months of April, May and June, we have increased our leads 92.86% without an increase in payroll. The system has been easy to work with and the tech support has been good. We are happy with our decision to buy the AMCAT dialer and only wish we had bought one sooner."
     - Tom Fair, Owner - Fairway Home Improvement, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK

"We had eleven telemarketers before the dialer had been installed and 7 salespeople. Because of the efficiency of the dialer we have since added 2 salespeople and cut our telemarketing staff by 4 people, which definitely adds to the bottom line."
     -Scott Young - Thermal Gard Clintonville, WI.

"We researched your company and your competition quite thoroughly and we couldn't help but be skeptical about the performance claims that you made. We are happy to report that all of those claims have been realized. Two periods of time now exist in our company. They are BA and AA (Before AMCAT and After AMCAT)."
     -Ted Heaton, Sales Manager - Nationwide Siding Supply, Lawrence, KS

"Just a brief note to say thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you so very much. I want to let you know that our lead generation has increased 300% and over the next 12 months will be phasing out all other forms of advertising. This stuff is the future. I can reach more people faster and drive down sales costs at the same time."
     -John LePre, Jr., President - Comprehensive Lending Service, Toledo, OH

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