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Our clients say...

''The determination and tenacity of your organization is surely recognized on our end. You've bent over backwards to get us the data we require.

''You provided exactly the lists we were looking for at a fair price and your service has been exceptional. Thanks for all your hard work.''

Scott Muir, Inc.

Direct Mail Marketing Lists


Effective direct mail marketing lists are targeted direct mail marketing lists. Bulk mailing lists that are no more than yellow or white pages in spreadsheet form are a waste of your time and money. It's also very rare that a list of individuals or businesses based upon a single criterion is going to give you a much higher return on investment.

Considering age or gender alone, home value alone, length of residency, or geographic location by itself is not likely to be enough. That won't weed out the many people on a bulk mailing list who are just going to throw away your mailing. Start to combine two, three, or four of those factors, however, and you're closing in on your target audience.

An experienced consultant with Find More Buyers will help you assess your current customer database to determine the elements that really combine to form your best potential customers. We have years of experience looking more deeply into customer databases. Many clients who think they know the combination of attributes that most of their clients share discover after working with us that there is actually a better approach and they can significantly increase sales.

We stand by our work. If the list based on the criteria that we develop with you doesn't increase your percent conversion to sales, we'll give you another list based on your requests. We'll also take the extra time to talk to you about your mailings or the content of your promotions to help you get the attention of potential customers when you contact them.

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