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Our clients say...

''The determination and tenacity of your organization is surely recognized on our end. You've bent over backwards to get us the data we require.

''You provided exactly the lists we were looking for at a fair price and your service has been exceptional. Thanks for all your hard work.''

Scott Muir, Inc.

Qualified Sales Leads


In any business, a broad base of customers and clients is the key to long term success. You want to keep adding to your consumer base--and direct mailings, telemarketing and e-mail lists will help you reach out to the audience that you seek. At, we can provide you with qualified sales leads to meet your goals.

One of the most useful services we offer is to generate a response list tailored to your business. Response lists are filled with qualified sales leads--people who have taken action to contact businesses in the past. These lists can have a few thousand to a few million names on them, depending on the criteria you ask us to search for.

When people have responded to a credit card offer, ordered magazine subscriptions, or taken advantage of special offers in the past, they will show up on one of our lists of qualified sales leads. We can put you in touch with people who have used services like yours in the past or who have shown strong interest in contacting businesses. Watch your customer base expand when you take advantage of this kind of targeted marketing.

Getting qualified sales leads from is a step toward a successful future for your business. Our customer service record is unmatched, because we work closely with our clients to find exactly the right market for them based on their current customer database and industry. We take the time to understand your business and help you take the steps you need to take so you can truly benefit from the qualified sales leads we give you.

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