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Our clients say...

''Your expertise and the leads you've provided have helped our division exceed our sales goals. And your service is second to none.

''Thanks again for your help. I truly appreciate it.''

Doug Arnold
Pitney Bowes Management Services

''Thank you again, I really appreciate all of your help in helping me build my financial planning business.''

Nichol Porcelli
Smith Barney

Direct Mailing Lists


Direct mailing lists enable companies of all sizes, in all industries, to reach potential customers. You can send information about your services, offer promotions to potential clients or return clients, and make sure that customers remember that you're out there. If you're changing your services, reducing prices, expanding, or simply trying to boost sales, direct mailings are one of the most tried and true ways of accomplishing your goals. But where do you get the most effective direct mailing lists? specializes in targeted direct mailing lists. While other companies can sell you bulk mailing lists, our service is smarter and more efficient. We'll give you a list of the people who are mostly likely to use your services, based on a thorough analysis of your business, niche, and customer base.

The list with which you are ultimately presented may come from any number of sources. We have access to tens of thousands of different lists. Some are subscriber databases, others are direct response lists. Some are compiled or created from the vast databases taken from the huge national providers like Equifax or Experian. We have opt-in email lists, and lists of high net worth individuals and investors.

There are any number of different factors that may come together to comprise the profile for your target audience. We'll help you determine whether age, income, gender, value of home, occupation, mail order history, marital status, and more are the most important common attributes of the majority of your current customer base. Then, you'll pay for a direct mailing list that is comprised only of people who fit those criteria. Your satisfaction is our number one priority - you'll get a higher ratio of sales with these leads than with any other list you've used!

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