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''Your expertise and the leads you've provided have helped our division exceed our sales goals. And your service is second to none.

''Thanks again for your help. I truly appreciate it.''

Doug Arnold
Pitney Bowes Management Services

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Nichol Porcelli
Smith Barney

Target Market to Increase Auto Sales

A Message to the General Manager


If you're like 99.5% of the auto dealerships in America, you're spending large amounts of money on radio, television and/or newspaper advertising to get your message out about two key points; price and service.

Your competitors are doing exactly the same thing.

Consequently, your prospects are getting the same messages through the same mediums for every dealership.

As a result, your ads don't pull very well. The only option you've ever really had in the past is to try to outspend your competitors. While this makes the local radio and television stations very happy, it doesn't do much for your bottom line.

Just imagine what would happen to your sales volume and profits if you could:

  • Locate people who are in the market for a new or used vehicle.
  • Give them a reason for them to come in for a test drive.
  • Greet people by name when they came in the door.
  • Make a positive contact with them that they will tell their friends about.
  • Track the people and follow up with them, even if they don't come in the first time.

The DCI Solution

We contact the households in your area who have the household demographics you are targeting and ask them if they are in the market for a new or used car. We:

  • find out what type of vehicle they are looking for
  • let them know about some of the new cars you have on the lot
  • and invite them in for a test drive.

We offer an incentive such as a free oil change, car wash, etc. only AFTER we find out that they are a valid prospect. That way your time and money isn't wasted.

Then we fax their information to you, including when they plan to come in, so you can be ready.

Your result?

  • You know who, when, and what they are looking for in advance.

  • You'll have a steady stream of prospects, both coming in the door and available for your salespeople to follow up with.

  • Since you are focusing your marketing on people who can afford to buy and getting accurate feedback about their situation, you can offer incentives that will pull people into your showroom without wasting time or money on tire kickers, mooches and strokers.

  • For the first time, you will feel in control of your sales.

We don't recommend spending extra money on this program. Take some of the money that you would have spent on radio, television, or newspaper ads next month and try this for a month instead.

Your marketing investment

The cost is $.77 per household. The minimum order is 10,000 households or $7,700.00. This includes the cost of the list. We will make an attempt to reach each household by phone, confirm that they are in the market and invite them in if they are.

You will receive a daily report showing the results of the previous evening calling. The report includes a list of everyone who is in the market, the type of vehicle they are looking for, and any other comments that they may have made.

You owe it to yourself to see the impact that a targeted campaign can have on your sales. Compare your sales volume to the previous month and the same month last year. We're betting that when you see the difference that targeted marketing makes, you'll never go back.

Click Here to see an example of the sample script that is used.

If you'd like to request more detailed information on how this lead generation program works, simply contact the specialists via email at [email protected] or call 309.661.1364. They'll go over your options with you without any obligation or commitment.

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