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Our clients say...

''It's a pleasure working with a lead broker who is focused on the success of his customer. You have shown yourself to be a man of great integrity.

''Not only do you provide excellent insight for a marketing campaign, you deliver quality leads in a timely manner at an unbeatable price. It is a privilege to do business with you.

''I highly recommend your service for any business looking to capitalize on a marketing campaign.''

Michael Melton, president
Dish Direct, LLC

David Lupberger

Master Builder Group, Inc.

A residential home builder and remodeler for the past 15 years, David Lupberger is president and founder of the Master Builder Group, Inc. The Master Builder Group is a design/build remodeling company that specializes in medium to large projects.

He is also the author and creator of The Turnkey System for Remodeling Contractors, the highly acclaimed system for running a profitable remodeling business.

After working 60 - 70 hour weeks for the first 10 years in business, David began looking for a "better" way to run a remodeling company. With the assistance of a very successful remodeler in the Washington, D.C. area, he invested 4 years to learn and document all parts of a successful remodeling company.

These past 15 years have provided him with an intimate knowledge of what works and what doesn't.

David has developed a national reputation and has been invited to speak at the following national remodeling shows:

  • The NAHB Remodelers Show
  • The NARI Remodel America Show
  • The JLC Construction Business and Technology Conference
  • The Southern Building Show
  • The Southeast Building Conference
  • The 'Gathering of Eagles' Annual Conference
  • The Remodelers Advantage Production Managers Only! Roundtable

David also currently writes a monthly column for Qualified Remodeler magazine entitled "Managing the Homeowner" and has been the subject of articles in the following trade magazines:

  • Remodeling Magazine
  • Qualified Remodeler
  • Professional Remodeler
  • The Journal of Light Construction
  • The Kitchen and Bath Design news

He's a former member of the board of directors of the NARI D.C. Chapter, and speaks to builder groups about "managing the emotional homeowner". Besides building, David is also a consultant to the home building and remodeling industries.

He's also the author of "The Turn-key System for Remodeling Contractors" which enables remodeling contractors to work smarter instead of harder. David is committed to improving the relationships between contractors and the customers they serve.

Click here to read about "The Turn-key System for Remodeling Contractors" that can reduce your stress, give you more free time and increase your income.

To contact David Lupberger directly, call him at (301)570-9756. You may also send your comments and/or questions to David at his personal email..

How To Run A Profitable Remodeling Business
Would you like to slash your working hours? How about getting rid of your major daily hassles and headaches? What about maintaining large take-home profits?

The Turn-Key System For Remodelers
How to Work Smarter, Make More Money & Have More Time

The Fear Factor
The homeowner needs to understand what will be happening and when. One of the greatest fear quenchers I know . . .

A Process, Not a Product
When homeowners move forward with a project, the pain of their existing living conditions has to be greater than the fear of fixing the problem.

Trust is What They Want
They hope and trust you are always going to be there for them when they need you. Here's the four elements of trust.

The First Appointment
Homeowners fear remodeling because they don't understand the process. Show them your process by putting it on paper.

Staying Away from Them
If you choose to work together, then acknowledge the extra time and energy these homeowners will require, and be paid for that time and energy.

Make it Clear
Your success or failure in the remodeling business is based as much on your communication skills as is your skill and competence as a contractor.

People Skills Solution
I don't want homeowners to be an interruption, so I "schedule" that interruption.

Appearance Matters
It may sound silly, but people judge our professionalism by how we look. Are we professionals? Then we should dress the part.

Ground Rules
My lead carpenter gets to do his job. I stay on a schedule. The homeowner gets their concerns met. All by establishing some clear ground rules and having everyone agree to them before the project starts.

Boulder, CO 80304

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