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The Turn-Key System For Remodelers

Or, How to Work Smarter, Make More Money & Have More Time


Every remodeling contractor knows what it means to "turn-key" a project. It means that all a homeowner has to do is "turn the key" and walk into their completed project. Everything is done for them.

What if you could "turn-key" your remodeling business? What would happen if you could create "operating systems" that allow your company to work efficiently and produce consistent results without you to manage the day-to-day details? Without you having to be there at all?

Several years ago, I was doing what most remodelers do. I was working 60-70 hours a week and working most evenings and weekends. I was consumed with all of the day-to-day details of running a successful remodeling company.

There was one small problem: I was miserable! I didn't sleep well. I didn't eat well. And, all the things I enjoyed doing - listening to music, hiking, walking, and spending time with my family - I just stopped doing. There wasn't any time!

As hard as I worked, more problems came up. I got in over my head on two back-to-back "jobs from hell". They almost bankrupted me.

To pay my bills, I had to take a part-time job as a salesperson, selling remodeling projects for a former competitor. I felt like a complete failure.

How I discovered the "Turn-key" System:
Working with my former "competitor" turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He showed me how to run a remodeling "business". Everything was organized and perfect. It was a model of efficiency. Best of all, because his business ran with clearly defined "systems", he was free to do as he pleased each day. All of the day-to-day details were managed by his "systems".

Around that time, I came to an amazing realization. I wasn't running my business: my business was running me! It made perfect sense, if your business is reliant on you showing up to manage everything - you've done nothing more that buy yourself a 70-hour a week, stressful job. Harsh. But true. Which is why most contractors experience "burnout" after a couple of years.

I became totally committed to using systems to run everything in my business- the office work, the sales, all the field work, marketing, everything. It took over three years to develop, fine-tune, and perfect the systems. But the results have been amazing.

The Results:
Once, I discovered how to create and implement the right systems and put them into place, my business was quickly transformed. The 12-14 hour days, the headaches, the stress, the confusion, the miscommunication, the "little annoying things": ALL GONE! Now with no employees and my regular subs. My business essentially runs itself.

When my wife, Terrie saw how my systems worked, it reminded her of a completed remodeling project. Where all the client has to do is "turn the key" and walk in the door to their new home, so she coined it my "Turn-key System".

The beauty of "Turn-Keying" your business is that the operating systems allow your business to pretty much run on auto-pilot. The systems ensure consistent results. Most mornings I still get up early, because I am in the habit of getting up early. But the similarities to the way I used to work end there. I now exercise for 30-40 minutes in the morning, or go to my desk and quietly review what I have to do that day. I have breakfast with my son, Ryan, almost every morning. I don't have to run out the door to get to work.

What Having The Right Systems In Place Will Do For You:
With the right systems in place you can grow your business without investing more time or energy. Best of all it'll take you from 'hands-on' to 'hands-off' freeing you up to do whatever you want. Your employees and subs will love it too. The systems empower your staff to make the right decisions without having to come to you. It gives them independence. It gives them direction.

And you should see what it does for your referral business. Your clients will be amazed when they see how organized, coordinated, and professional your firm is, without you having to stand over everybody's shoulder and "baby sit". And because of that, your clients won't feel like they have to page you every time something comes up.

When your business is Turn-Keyed there's:

  • No more fires to put out.
  • No more 12-15 hour days.
  • No more time consuming "dumb" questions from your staff.
  • No more miscommunication or confusion.

  • You can:

  • Leave for a vacation and not worry that things will fall apart.
  • Work 4 ½ days a week or less.
  • Make sure every job runs exactly how you want, without you having to be there.
  • Get rid of the day-to-day headaches.
  • Have more free time and the energy to enjoy it.
  • Know what to delegate and how to delegate it.

  • Are you ready to improve your business and your life?

    To contact David Lupberger directly, call him at (301)570-9756. You may also send your comments and/or questions to David at his personal email..

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